JBSA-LAK Gateway Fitness Center

Gateway Fitness Center

** Effective May 10, all JBSA Fitness Centers open for use by all eligible personnel at facility capacity of 50%. Face coverings must be worn at all times except when on cardio equipment and on indoor/outdoor running tracks, showering or swimming

  • Parent and Child Areas open w/room social distancing and time limit (1hr) per family as needed

  • Beaver Fit remains open

  • 24/7 Fitness Access remains closed

The Gateway Fitness Center is a power-packed facility that is fully capable of handling all your fitness needs! This facility is home to strength and cardio equipment and also houses the one-of-a-kind Keiser strength equipment line. Gateway Fitness Center also offers free group exercise sessions.

Active duty members can register for their PT tests online at https://myfactracker.randolphfss.com.

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Bldg. 10330
(210) 671-1348/ (210) 671-2565
Mon - Fri
5 a.m. - 3 p.m.